Adieu Paris 2013 BDRip Νο Subs

Adieu Paris 2013 BDRip

Νο Subs
Χωρίς Υποτιτλους

Warning: Full-frontal nudity | Sex 
Προειδοποίηση: Γυμνό | Sex

Genres: Drama
Director: Franziska Buch
Writer: Martin Rauhaus
Stars: Jessica Schwarz, Hans Werner Meyer, Jean-Yves Berteloot

Story - Υπόθεση
Investment bank manager FRANK BERNDSSEN (c. 40), based in Berlin, believes life to be just a matter of careful advance planning. Currently, he works for a Swiss investor group keen on taking over the French nation-wide meat production chain of Charcuteries Albert. If everything turns out well, Frank's bank will earn billions, and he'll be promoted to a director's post. He just needs the French side to agree to his plan, which is why he's on his way to Paris. While still at Airport Berlin-Tegel waiting to check in, Frank's progress is slowed to a standstill by chaotic author PATRIZIA MUNZ (beginning 30s), who wishes to board the plane under all circumstances, although the flight is overbooked in the economy class. Patrizia, an upcoming novelist, has forgotten her credit cards, when she received a phone call just an hour ago from a Paris clinic. Her lover, Parisian architect JEAN-JACQUES SECRETIN lies in a coma, heavily injured in a car crash. Frank, queuing nervously behind her, loans ...

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